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Situation Report - Desperation[]

Delta Squad managed to escape the Brumak's wrath by the slimmest of margins and drove without pause to the train station. According to Anya, a train carrying the Lightmass Bomb is due to travel past the station any minute. Delta Squad must somehow board the train in motion and program the Lightmass Bomb with the data retrieved from Adam Fenix's secret laboratory. This may be the only opportunity to inflict the type of damage on the Locust Horde that the locust earlier unleashed upon their own civilization.

New Characters[]

The first and only Locust character seen in-game is introduced into gameplay officially at the very end of the game, providing an absolutely enthralling climax to Gears of War

  • RAAM - The Locust Hordes most powerful general, RAAM has been responsible for the death of many Gears including Lieutenant Minh Young Kim He stands between Marcus and the arming of the Lightmass Bomb. Carrying a troika in his huge grasp, RAAM will be the most challenging opponenet Marcus has yet to face. Good luck! RAAM is also the only non-human character named in Gears of War who is seen. Myrrah is also mentioned in the closing credits and is assumed to be the real name of the Locust Queen.

New Enemies[]

Here is a full list of the new enemies encountered in Act 5.

  • Reaver - These enormous, flying beasts serve as airborne vehicles for the two Locust on their back, one of which usually has access to a Troika! Aim for the Reaver's chest cavity to kill it, or simply shoot and kill its passengers. Amazingly fast, they can easliy keep up with the Tyro Pillar, even though it is travelling at a massive speed.

New Weapons[]

The final weapon in the game is introduced in the final act.

COG Tags[]

This section contains 6 COG Tags dotted in various locations. Find them to go on your way to receiving several achievements! COG tags 31, 32 and 33 are all found in Train Wreck. COG Tags 28, 29 and 30 are found in the PC exclusive section.


Act 5 is split up into several parts, 3 in all. They are listed below: (In the PC version there are 5 additional chapters before Special Delivery: Impasse, Comedy of Errors, Window Shopping, Powers That Be, and Jurassic Proportions (where you fight Brumak).

List of Chapter in Gears of War: Act 5
(PC only: Impasse · Comedy of Errors · Window Shopping · Powers That Be · Jurassic Proportions) · Special Delivery · Train Wreck · Pale Horse

List of Acts in Gears of War
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