The Acastu Imulsion Fields.

The Acastu Imulsion Fields were located in the Coalition of Ordered Governments nation of Dushin, near the border with the Union of Independent Republics.



The Acastu wells exploding.

Raids on the FieldsEdit

In the 75th year of the Pendulum Wars, the Acastu fields and the Dushin were accused of drilling under the border and taking Imulsion from deposits in UIR territory. The UIR launched several raids on Acastu to stop this, and C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry was dispatched to protect the fields. After scouting the fields with a Khimera, the UIR sent in a unit of Indie soldiers to sabotage the facility. They destroyed some of the Imulsion wells, but were stopped from destroying the pipelines by a Gear squad. Firefighters put out the fires caused by the destruction of the wells, and the damage was repaired within a few days without affecting production. The UIR continued to scout the Acastu fields, and used snipers to pick off Gears stationed there.[1]


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