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"We'll settle this shit another time, Fenix. You can count on that, bitch!"
—Griffin, swearing revenge against Marcus after the Locust attack on Griffin Tower

Aaron Griffin is the founder and CEO of Griffin Imulsion Corporation, and a Stranded leader in Char after the Hammer of Dawn counterattack. He reluctantly assisted Delta Squad when they passed through Char during the Lambent Pandemic.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Aaron Griffin's early life except he began his career in the Imulsion industry by working a decade on an Imulsion fuel rig. During his time, he got familiar with the worst the job had to offer. Due to his expertise in handling and refining Imulsion, Aaron started his own Imulsion company: Griffin Imulsion Corporation

Pendulum Wars[]

CEO of Griffin Imulsion[]

"Every CEO should work a decade on a fuel rig, get familiar with the worst of it like I did. That right there is the only business education you'll ever need."
—Griffin, during an interview with HMT

Aaron Griffin created a business empire with Griffin Imulsion, acting as founder and CEO. He situated his headquarters and refinery within the city of Char, as it had a natural reserve of Imulsion underneath the city. Aaron developed the reputation of being a tough boss, but never lost a man on the job.

Griffin on the cover of HMT.

He was later interviewed by HMT magazine after an explosion at a Lopus Energy refinery outside of Denava. Griffin criticized Lopus Energy as being amateurs, commenting they couldn't get the job done right if they were trying to be everyone’s friend. He also stated that every CEO should do what he had done; work on an Imulsion rig and get to know the workers. Griffin also reasoned that if the company's employees were not afraid of their boss, they were doing it wrong, but they also had be likable enough for them to prevent turnover.[1]

Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, a subterranean race of humanoids known as the Locust Horde emerged on the surface on what would be known as Emergence Day and slaughtered every man, woman, and child possible. Within the first twenty-six hours, roughly 25% of the global population was killed. Aaron Griffin managed to survive and preserve his business, despite the fact that the Locust were able to emerge within Char and slaughter its civilians.

Hammer of Dawn Strikes[]

One year after Emergence Day, the newly-elected Chairman Richard Prescott, made an announcement that he would be using the Hammer of Dawn to destroy all cities outside of the Jacinto Plateau within three days on the 33rd of Bloom, 1 A.E., in order to prevent the Locust obtaining spoils of war from occupying human cities and reaching the capital city of Ephyra. Because Char was outside of the Jacinto Plateau and had been overrun by the Locust, it was ground-zero for the Hammer of Dawn Strikes.

Leading the Stranded[]

"You know, I think I heard of Griffin. People used to say he's badass with a hate for the Coalition."
—Jace addressing to Marcus that Griffin is a hateful, popular Stranded leader

Griffin standing amidst the ruins of Char after the Hammer Strikes.

Aaron Griffin managed to survive once again, as did his headquarters and refinery as they miraculously held on to the other ends of the deep crater made in the center of the city by the Hammer of Dawn blast. However, many of Griffin's friends, family, and coworkers were killed outside during the blast. Worse, their bodies remained preserved in ash - depicting their last moments in desperation and fear.

Griffin was outraged at the deaths of his people and the destruction of his city and business, being viewed as expendable in the eyes of the Coalition. Griffin and other survivors of the Hammer strikes who grew resentful of the COG came to be known as Stranded. He then led the survivors of his workforce and Char in his headquarters and restarted his business of Imulsion refinery and trade. He then constructed cable cars to connect from his headquarters to the refinery across the crater to avoid conflict with the Locust.

In time, he grew popular for his ideals and hate for the Coalition, and remained a business man throughout the Locust War. However, he was not popular with all of his employees, some of whom resented him and thought he cared little for their lives, believing that they would be better off with the COG than remain with him.[2]

Lambent Pandemic[]

Arrival of the Lambent[]

Due to the Sinking of Jacinto City by the Coalition in order to flood the Hollow and drown the Locust Horde, the Imulsion from the Hollow rose to the surface by the seawater and began to infect life on the surface of Sera, causing a pandemic of the Lambent in 15 A.E. The Lambent eventually began to appear in Char, sprouting fungal, fruiting bodies known as Lambent Stalks and spewing Lambent Polyps and other infected organisms. Despite this new, powerful enemy - Griffin and his people managed to survive. Aaron Griffin prided himself on surviving the Locust, the Hammer strikes, and believed they would survive the Lambent as well.

By Bloom, 17 A.E., the workers of Griffin's other tower gave him an unsatisfactory batch of Imulsion. Griffin sent a letter to Hondo warning him to make the correct grade of Imulsion, or he would go over there and "kick his ass". When Hondo did not reply back and the next Imulsion shipment did not arrive on time, Griffin sent several men, including Miles Carver, to head for the tower. None of the men returned.[2] Unbeknownst to Griffin, however, everyone in the other tower was infected by Imulsion and turned into Lambent Humans.[1]

Victory Day[]

"So welcome to Griffin Tower, COG. It was here before you destroyed Char, and it's still standin' now. And so am I. You've got some nerve comin' around here asking for favors, motherfuckers."
—Griffin to Delta-One as they arrived in his office of Griffin Tower

Griffin talking with Marcus Fenix in his office.

Griffin was informed that Gears had arrived into the city. Angered by their presence, he sent Ash Man to stop them, and other men to capture Pvt. Dizzy Wallin, who had been left behind to guard the truck that they came in. Unfortunately, Ash Man was unable to drive off the Gears, and they shortly arrived at his tower. The Stranded opened fire on them, until several Lambent Stalks arrived, and they directed their fire on them. After the Lambent were killed, Ash Man came down and brought the Gears to the Tower. When Ash Man brought the Gears into his office, Griffin was angry with him, and ordered him out before he "beat his ass".

Griffin then addressed the gears, stating that they had some nerve coming there for some favors. Anya replied that they just wanted some fuel, and Griffin called her a bitch, stating that he did not like how the people responsible for his workers' deaths were disturbing their rest. Marcus then spoke with Griffin, who was familiar with his name. Griffin then asked Marcus if he knew the first rule of business, and Marcus asked Griffin to remind him. Griffin told him that there is always a catch with business agreements, and Marcus wondered if Griffin was setting him up. Griffin snapped his fingers, and two Stranded came in with Dizzy in tow. Griffin then told the squad that he was waiting for a shipment from his refinery tower, but it had never arrived and no one responded. If the Gears brought back the shipment, Griffin would let them keep some of the fuel, and they had one hour to do so, telling them to use it wisely.[3]

Around an hour later, Griffin Tower came under attack by the Locust, led by Queen Myrrah herself aboard her Tempest. After she blasted the tower a few times, she flew away, leaving the Queen's Guard to finish the attack and kill the survivors. Griffin let Dizzy go, and the two of them became cornered on the roof by the Locust. Dizzy contacted Marcus for help, and they told him they were crossing on the cable car to assist them. By the time the Gears arrived, Griffin and Dizzy were the last two people alive defending the tower.

"You're done?! They're fuckin' dead! My people are all dead! We've survived Hammer Strikes, the Grubs, the whole damn war, and then you show up, and I lose fuckin' everybody! You fuckin' COG bastards! Everywhere you go, everything you do, it's always nothin' but death, pain, and miseries! You piece of shit motherfuckers!"
—Griffin to Delta-One after Queen Myrrah attacked Griffin Tower

Griffin blames Marcus and the rest of Delta for the attack on his tower.

After killing the last of the Locust, Marcus told Griffin that they had gotten his fuel, and that their deal was done. Griffin was angered by this, and lashed out at him, saying that all of his people were dead and pointing out how they had survived the Hammer strikes, Locust attacks, and the rest of the war, but then the Gears showed up and he lost everybody. He raged against the COG, declaring that everywhere they went, all they did was spread pain, death, and misery, and called them all 'piece of shit motherfuckers'. This finally pushed Marcus over the edge, and he began yelling at Griffin that he had just lost his brother, and that Griffin, his tower, and his Imulsion could all go to hell.

Griffin flipping Marcus off as he departs from Griffin Tower.

Griffin backed off, saying he and Marcus would settle the dispute another time. Griffin then boarded his cable car and left the tower, flipping Marcus off as his cable car headed for the refinery and leaving the Gears with enough fuel for their Rat Truck to reach the Endeavor Naval Shipyard.[1]

Interwar Period[]

Griffin survives the end of the Lambent Pandemic and spends the next six months organizing what survivors he can find in Char. Griffin begins rebuilding Griffin Imulsion Corporation and educating people, reminding them that they're not prey for the Locust, but human beings with potential. He encounters Anya Stroud again at an event in Ephyra where Jamila Shin reintroduces them. Jamila reveals to Anya Griffin's efforts to rebuild, stating that once Griffin has his power base secure, he will want to expand. Jamila suggests that Anya could be the one to help her bring together Griffin and the other people like them so that together they can rebuild the world.[4]

Griffin eventually becomes a part of the new Council of Ministers. On 15 Frost, the Council meets to discuss a vote for First Minister, but Anya instead reveals the discovery of Locust survivors of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. Griffin seconds Anya's motion to table nominations for First Minister and discuss the Locust threat instead which is unanimously passed. Anya reveals to the Council Marcus Fenix and Brandon Turall's months-long investigation to Hanover, Char and beyond that had revealed Locust survivors and a group that had domesticated and weaponized some of them to their own purposes. Anya brings in Karima Razek who testifies to what she witnessed in Harkness Glen and Iron Hills with these domesticated Locust. At Raul Hasterwith's suggestion, the Council agrees to establish military units to deal with this renewed threat before Hasterwith shocks everyone by turning Seradyne Information Services and its assets over to the Council, suggesting the creation of a Ministry of Information Services and withdrawing his nomination for First Minister. The Council accepts his proposal and then adjourns.[5]

After the meeting, Griffin and Diana Egami approach Karima and begin politicking her about becoming a Minister for a district including Harkness Glen and Westbrook.[6]

Personality and Traits[]

"Bitch, you don't understand shit. You seen those ash remains? Those were my workforce. My employees. My family. I don't like their rest bein' disturbed by outsiders, and especially no fucking COG!"
—Griffin to Anya and Delta-One as he dismisses the COG understanding grieving

Even before Emergence Day, Griffin was a hardnosed businessman with a coarse mouth. He considered his employees and workforce as family, but led them through fear. As he put it, his love was tough. Griffin also cared to exhibit his wealth in a world gone to ruin, as evidenced by the armory of gold-plated weapons he kept in his office[7].

The Hammer of Dawn Counterattack made him an even harder man. He had no scruples against taking captives to ensure Gear cooperation, and remained unfazed by the threats of Marcus Fenix, a Gear remarked for his intimidating presence[8], even later when the Gear exploded in a cathartic moment of uninhibited anger.

Behind the scenes[]

Crimson Omen.jpg
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Griffin's wanted posters on the left side of the wall in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition concept artwork.

  • Aaron Griffin was voiced by Ice-T in Gears of War 3.[9]
  • The gold knuckle plate on his left hand reads "DRAMA", a reference to Ice-T's song Drama.
  • Griffin has a broken clock around his neck which is stuck at "6am", this is a reference to another one of Ice-T's songs called 6 'N the Morning.[10]
  • Griffin's clothing design is a deliberate combination of COG and Stranded visual cues.[11]
  • While Griffin is talking to Delta Squad, golden weapons can be seen hanging on the wall in his office.
  • Early concept artwork for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition shows that some of the levels would've had wanted posters of Griffin littering the walls. However this idea never made it into the final release, leaving the walls barren.

Griffin's Ultimate Edition multiplayer model was used to promote the Deluxe Edition of the game.


  • Griffin is available as a multiplayer character in Gears of War 3; to unlock him, players can either "like" the official Gears of War fan page on Facebook (which, unfortunately, the page to obtain a 25-digit code for Xbox Live is no longer available) or earn the "Big Money" onyx Medal in Horde 2.0.
  • Griffin is one of the "heroes" who can appear in Beast mode and always comes equipped with a Sawed-Off Shotgun and Boltok Pistol.
  • Griffin can be unlocked in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition multiplayer by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game.[12]




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