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The 4th Ephyra Light Infantry was a unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army that was based out of the Kosoly Barracks.

Unit History[]

Pendulum Wars[]

Siege of Seiden[]

During the Pendulum Wars, the 4th Ephyra Light Infantry, under the command of Col. Ezra Loomis, laid siege to the Pellesian city of Seiden. During the siege, a lode of freshly delivered Ostrian Imulsion was destroyed, causing the Imulsion to flow into the city's Najiko River. As well as accelerating the break of the siege in favor of the COG, the Imulsion polluted the river, causing a major environmental disaster.[1]

Locust War[]

Battle of Kinnerlake[]

A month after Emergence Day, the 4th Ephyra Light Infantry was tasked with reinforcing the city of Kinnerlake after the Locust attacked it. The unit flew there in dozens of King Ravens, but came under heavy fire almost immediately after landing. The Gears managed to regroup, and assaulted a mall in which the Locust had established themselves.[2]

Hammer of Dawn Counterattack[]

A year later, the Hammer of Dawn counterattack was being prepared. Elements of the 4th Ephyra Light Infantry were dispatched to guard checkpoints leading to the Jacinto Plateau. Kilo Squad guarded one checkpoint, and Pvt. Augustus Cole moved barricades around to allow more cars into the safe zone.[3]

Patrol South of Jacinto[]

190 days after the strike, Kilo Squad was patrolling south of Jacinto City when it came under attack by Locust. The squad managed to defeat the Locust, using the new Chainsaw Bayonets on their Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifles. They then returned to base in their Armadillo.[4]

Sub Units[]

Known Members[]



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